[Front Cover - Colours of the Season (RM79)]

So, prior to coming across this on the shelves, I hadn't heard of Front Cover. However, I do spend enough time in Sephora to come across things I really shouldn't, and I definitely shouldn't have popped this open because, really, buying it was inevitable:

[I think it's quite clear that I had already been playing with it prior to taking these photographs!]

Just look at those colours! LOOK!!!! How could I resist?! It has shadows, lippy, nail polish, liner and brushes!

I bought this without testing anything you see above out, because I have a terrible lack of self-control, and I was fully expecting it to be a rather shoddy pack of goodies. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. Except for the terrible brushes, everything is actually quite wonderful!

Let's take a look at the shadows first:

[Front Cover - Sandbank, Coral Reef, Lilac Lagoon]

[Front Cover - Sandbank]

This is a frosty, very light gold shade that works very well as a neutral shade on the lid, to brighten up the inner corners or as a brow highlight. Very subtly pretty.

[Front Cover - Coral Reef]

As this is part of the coral theme, it's a soft neutral bronze-y coral shade.

[Front Cover - Lilac Lagoon]

Clearly, these names are beach-inspired, and even though I'm not a fan of the beach, these colours make the thought of the beach much more pleasant for me. This really is a very pretty lilac in all it's shimmery goodness.

So, I did try them on all together and they went on very smoothly (no thanks to the horrible brushes provided), and they built up colour well. They would definitely work for daily use, should that be your purpose, or the colour can be built upon with darker liner for more enjoyable purposes. 

Now, my skin runs to the combination/oily sector of skin issues so I did have some trouble with their durability. I didn't use a base for these to test this very aspect, and needless to say, I was not pleased. Yes, they are baked shadows, and yes, they need something to hold them in place through the day. It took a grand total of under 3 hours for them to crease and fade into nothingness, which is very sad because when they went on they looked lovely and pigmented. Well, you can't have everything...but you CAN have a good eyeshadow base which will make life less depressing after you have spent that ENTIRE 10 minutes getting your eyeshadow on!

And what about the eye liner?

[Front Cover - Eyeliner in Black (Bottom is the liner smudged using the tip)]

I LOVE! Seriously! It is all smooth and lovely with a sponge tip on the other end which is quite good for smudging the liner (as seen above)! I have no complaints about this, because it truly did last, and thus made me very happy. It may very well be my replacement for the Lancome liner I'm currently using. But we shall see!

And now, on to the very pretty lipsticks!

[Front Cover - Coral Peach; Coral Sand; Coral Cay]

As much as I do love brightly coloured lipstick, I was a little concerned about these being TOO bright due to my skin tone. The fun colours just don't work without making me look mildly prostitute-y. By fun colours, I mean stuff like MAC's "Ravishing", which is touted as one of the loveliest brights around. It absolutely is, just not for me. So when I tried Coral Cay on and found it to be a reasonably sheer shade which could be built up, I was ecstatic!

[Front Cover - Coral Peach]

[Front Cover - Coral Sand]

[Front Cover - Coral Cay]

What's an absolutely boon about these lipsticks is that they aren't drying. They're quite soft and pretty without trying to steal the moisture from your lips. I really am quite in love with them, especially since the rather nude Coral Peach has enough peach undertones to be complementary to my skin tone without making me look and feel like a Chola!

Unfortunately, this is not the case for the blush:

There is actually nothing wrong with the blush per se, it just doesn't work for me because it disappears on my skin:

See! Sad! 

It would, however, be very pretty on someone who is even a shade or two fairer than I am...unless you use the brush they've provided. Just don't.

Finally, we get to one of the most exciting things about this set - The nail polish:

There is no name on the base of the bottle, so I'm just going to call this "The Coral Shade" because it is and I love it! When I initially tried it, it was over a Rimmel base coat, and I thought the consistency was off because it was rather streaky, but this is not true. Rimmel just makes manicure-ruining base coats. So, when I tried it sans a base coat, the texture was decent enough and I had no real issues with it. The colour was true to its bottled colour, and that made me a little too excited over it. I might have problems.

[Front Cover - The Coral Shade - 2 Coats]

The matching shirt was just a coincidence. No, I am not colour blind...I do know it is not the exact shade, but on the same spectrum. Don't nitpick.

I really do love the colours of the season! 

What's also really great about this kit is that it comes with a very extensive make-up brochure on how to utilise everything to its fullest:

All in all, it really is quite good value for money and I have no regrets.