[Afternoon Tea for Two at Nosh]

Nosh has been on my to do list since it opened late last year, but I just hadn't gotten round to it. Then, they introduced afternoon tea on weekends, and I had problems resisting, but I still didn't get round to it. Then, I won a RM100 voucher for doing a survey:

So I finally went (what better incentive is there?).

Let me digress for a moment. I have a rather extreme penchant for afternoon tea, and it seems like an insatiable desire. I have tried so many different offerings in KL, and have been disappointed on numerous occasions. The worst, by far, has to be the disappointment that Starhill Tea Gallery brought for numerous reasons. Firstly, I have a specific tea buddy, and for some reason both of us got the timings for their tea wrong on at least three occasions (I have learned the hard way that it is from 3-5 pm). Secondly, their accompaniments to their tea (which is stellar) were rather lacklustre, and I simply cannot get over the fact that they sweeten their clotted cream. Seriously, who does that? When you are already serving scones with clotted cream and jam, what would possess you to add sugar to your clotted cream? The chef must be depraved indeed. I will NEVER go back there for afternoon tea. I won't even dignify their tea set with a post of its own.

Now, back to the actual post.

Since Nosh only serves afternoon tea on weekends, there wasn't even a question as to when I would pop up there, and they were unbelievably nice when I claimed the voucher by letting me work around the reservation-for-use rule. It was appreciated.

I was joined by two friends, and they barely managed to take their seats before I informed them that we were having afternoon tea, and whatever they wanted was secondary. It's a good thing that their weekend menu is limited to brunch items till 3 pm and tea from 3-6 pm, with the option of side orders. I fully approve of this as it allowed me to get my way! Muahahaha

As it was already past 3 and I hadn't had any coffee, I went against my own less-than-sturdy principles and ordered a latte instead of tea for tea time:


Nosh uses Illy coffee, so the standard for a decent cup is definitely present. The milk was perfectly steamed, and the latte art pretty. I can't complain about the coffee...It was as Illy should be. The cookie provided with it (instead of the traditional biscotti) was quite lovely and buttery. It's definitely a cookie I would be happy to buy a tin of.

As for the tea set itself, it serves two and thus comes with a choice of coffee or a pot of tea for each person. They don't serve teas outside the usual range of English Breakfast, etc. so one of them order a pot of that and the other a pot of lemongrass tisane. The teapots are so pretty:

[Lemongrass Tisane]

As for the edible portion of the tea set, I was pleasantly surprised. It runs at RM52 which is definitely one of the more reasonable options around KL and definitely not because they're skimping on quality. Let's look at it one tier at a time:

[The Savouries]

The savoury tier (traditionally right at the bottom, so that you work your way up to the richest of the lot), contained two chicken salad sandwiches on wholemeal bread, with greens (rocket if I recall right), crusts cut off, and two slices of thinly sliced baguette with a thick slice of tomato and melted cheese with herbs. Both were extremely well balanced and quite delicious.

[Scones and Cream Puff]

Here is the only major issue I have with this set: The scones; but it's my problem and not theirs. Scones are one of my favourite things on this planet, but just scones...not fruit scones. Raisins/currants in food really traumatise me unspeakably. And both the scones had raisins/currants in them. I really wish they had an option for plain scones. However, one of the girls with me quite likes raisin scones and she happily polished them off saying the scones were really good and that they currants were barely noticeable. She is trustworthy and I shall take her word for it. I did try the jam and clotted cream and both were suitably lovely. The cream was not sweetened thankfully, and the jam was lightly clumpy, which is the right way! Yum! 

I do need to rave about their cream puffs! SO YUM! The choux pastry was the absolute perfect consistency with a very mild bite to it, while the cream filling was delectably smooth and delicious. I had to restrain myself from eating them both.


The top layer was so pretty...a sight which translated very well to flavour! While working through the lower tiers, I was eyeing the strawberry shortcake! When I finally got to it, the anticipation paid off. It was truly delicious! The strawberries were very fresh and had that tinge of tartness mingled with their sweetness, the cream was perfectly light and had just the right level of sweetness and the cake was moist and airy. Omg! I actually scanned their menu to check if they sold this as an a la carte item, but it appears that they don't sell anything in the afternoon tea set separately. 

Now, for the chocolate cake. It was nice enough, but not particularly memorable. It, too, wasn't too sweet with a nice creamy ganache and moist layers of cake. It's a good cake, just not the best chocolate cake out there.

Besides fulfilling my afternoon tea fantasies, one of the girls with me ordered something from the brunch menu:


I was far too excited about the tea set to check what it was called. They looked lovely and smelled so as well. She isn't a fan of things which are too creamy and according to her they were slightly too creamy, but she thought they were good. If you like the eggs they make at hotels, they should be right up your alley. I do love cream. In all its various forms.

Would I return to Nosh? Absolutely! Their dessert menu looks divine and it's something I definitely have to go back to indulge in. So there will assuredly be another post!

Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru 
Tel: 03 22013548
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu - 11am-11pm; Fri - 11am-12mn; Sat - 10am-12mn; Sun - 10am-11pm
[Nosh is along the same row as Alexis and right opposite Alliance Bank]


  1. Hello! It's RM52 per set. We shared it among 3 of us and ordered an extra drink. It comes with 2 drinks, so it's meant for 2 people. But they're not sticklers for not sharing so don't worry :D