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Afternoon Tea at The Ritz-Carlton, KL

The Ritz is set in the heart of Bukit Bintang, and has spent the better part of this year being completely overhauled. While still maintaining its signature classic feel, there are nuances of modernity meandering through the halls of it all. From beautifully curated art pieces, to a dedicated floor for dining, you see a clear thread of very well thought out touches to the entire revamp. 

And that brings us to the Lobby Lounge, an gorgeous ensemble of marble floors, plush seating and old worldly charm. 

[The Reinvented Lobby Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton]

A very nice touch to your afternoon tea can be found in the live music you will be treated to as you enjoy your afternoon tea. The music is meant to add a touch of levity to the staid history of afternoon tea. When we were there, the music was very lively and upbeat, and flowed through the hotel, ensuring a welcoming feel the moment you enter. 

[Live Music]

The Ritz serves Ronnefeldt teas, and they have a special oolong that is their signature. Upon hearing the description of the tea, it was a no-brainer!

[The Tea Trolley for Your Perusal]

[The Ritz's Signature Tea]

Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows that I love my black tea with milk. So, when they told us that this was a special Tie Guan Yin (my favourite Chinese tea) steamed in milk, I was sold! 

[Familiar YTL China]

If the China looks familiar to you, you would have seen an identical pattern at Majestic Hotel which is under the same group. 

[Tea is Served]

At The Ritz, your teapot is placed over a tealight burner at the table to maintain its temperature.

[Sugar Pot]

Keeping it traditional, you are furnished with a silver strainer as well. This prevents the leaves from entering your teacup for an uninterrupted drinking experience. 

[Silver Tea Strainer]

[The Ritz's Signature Blend]

While this cup of tea seems rather unassuming, you would be wrong in thinking so. I can say with certainly that I haven't had a better cup of Tie Guan Yin before. When milk is correctly steamed, the sugars in it caramelise to lend a hint of sweetness to it. You taste all this and more in your very first sip. The steaming process infuses the leaves with a subtle creaminess that makes this an exquisite cup of tea that you must visit to try. As yet, the tea is not on sale, but when that changes, I will be first in line! 

This was truly the best way to kick off our afternoon tea. It was only improved by the starter we were served. 

[Salmon Pate with Bread]

The pate was excellent. It was smooth and spiced to perfection, and the choice of simple white toast was the perfect accompaniment. 

[Tea for Two]

As a departure from the tradition of the three-tiered afternoon tea that is the norm in KL, we were treated to three tiers and a plate of scones that were served later to ensure that they are warm when you are ready to eat them. 

[Shall We Take a Closer Look?]

Let's start with the savouries because they were truly fantastic enough for me to be glad I skipped lunch to attend the tea. 

[Quiche, Reuben Sandwich and Pie]

While the quiche and the chicken pie were exemplary in themselves, it was a very nice touch for them to add in a Reuben. It's truly not something you see everyday at sandwich joints, let alone afternoon tea. 

[The Reuben: Salted Beef with Sauerkraut]

Similarly, the sandwiches were excellent as well. 

[Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad and Egg Mayo]

While the sandwiches were all mayonnaise-infused, there was just the right quantity of creaminess in each of them to tie the tier together. Unlike a lot of other places, they weren't smothered in the stuff to the point of obscenity. 

As mentioned, the scones arrive warm a little into your dining experience. 

[Plain and Raisin Scones Served with Marmalade, Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam]

[Plain Scone Topped with Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream]

The cream itself was light and not too dense, but the same cannot be said for the scones unfortunately. They weren't terrible, but they were a little too stodgy and not crumbly at all. 

This then brings us to the final tier of our afternoon tea: Dessert! 

[Lemon Curd Eclair, Fruit Tart, Peanut Butter Macaron]

As I'm not a fan of lemon curd, I steered clear of the eclair, though those of you who like the stuff will adore this and it's nice tart kick. The fruit tart was deliciously refreshing and crumbly. I love the addition of berries to add a nice fresh touch to the entire tea service. My favourite dessert out of this tier was the peanut butter macaron. I initially thought it was salted caramel based on the colour, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a decent macaron with a crispy yet chewy shell, and delectable peanut butter filling. It wasn't too sweet, which was a nice change from the majority of macarons you find in KL. 

[Marshmallow Filled with Jam on a Granola Base]

[Cheesecake and Dark Chocolate Pastry]

If the dessert looks familiar as well, a majority of them are the same as you would find at Majestic as they are made in a central kitchen. However, there were a few different touches that made this all its own. 

While I'm not overly fond of cheesecake, this was really quite good. It was rich and creamy without being cloying in any manner. Similarly, the pastry will appeal to those of you who are fans of dark chocolate. It's a very nice way to cut through all the sweetness of the top tier. 

The marshmallow topped dessert was certainly one that was worth a cross-sectional view. 

[Marshmallow Filled with Jam on a Granola Base]

It was a tad too sweet for my liking, but a very pretty dessert indeed. I'm also not keen on thick layers of jam, so this would appeal to those of you who have a passion for the stuff. 

Afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton will run you RM80 per person, and is served from 3-6 pm daily at The Lobby Lounge.
Afternoon Tea at The Orchid Conservatory, Majestic Hotel

For years, The Majestic Hotel has been touted as one of the best afternoon tea parlours in KL, and up until now, I've yet to see the draw as far as the afternoon tea itself was concerned. Without doubt, the setup is absolutely gorgeous, especially The Orchid Conservatory which seemed to elude me on the three occasions prior to this visit. 

Fortunately, there has been a distinct rise in quality on all fronts where the tea service is concerned. It didn't hurt that we were within the confines of the most beautiful tea room in KL, either.

[Dining in the Orchid Conservatory]

[An Array of Beautiful Blooms]

[The Tea Corner]

[A Pop of Colour]

As far as afternoon tea goes, the tea itself is truly half the battle. Recently, Majestic Hotel switched from BOH ("tea") to Twinings, and I can't quite emphasise how huge a difference this makes. On my three previous visits, the horrible tea soured the entire experience for me, though it wasn't solely to blame. 

Now that they've switched to Twinings, you're assured an exquisite cup of tea to go with your tiers of delights. There are 4 varieties to choose from, two teas (caffeinated) and two tisanes (non-caffeinated). 

[An Explanation of What's on Offer]

There's even a tea sommelier on hand to explain the differences in the brews so that you get your pick of the perfect cup.

[Choose Your Tea]

Unlike most places, they don't leave your teapot with you and allow it to go cold. They will keep your tea at the right temperature and come round every now and then to refill your cup for you. I'm quite sure this was exclusive to The Orchid Conservatory, however. 

Both Carol and myself went for the caffeinated varieties, and English Breakfast is my absolute favourite tea, so it wasn't even a choice for me. 

[Earl Grey Tea]

[English Breakfast Tea]

There is a milk jug and some sugar sticks already stationed at the table, but you can request some honey if your preference runs in that direction.

[Honey, Sugar and Milk: The Holy Trinity]

[My Perfect Cuppa]

As your enjoying your tea, the first portion of your tea service arrives, along with someone who will explain exactly what's on display.

[The Tea Service]

[Carol: My partner in crime against my diet]

An interesting addition to your tea is a beautiful treasure trove of warm savouries which are very welcome, indeed. 

[Warm Asian Savouries]

A nice touch to this was that the warm savouries all had an Asian flair to them. While I've never been too keen on the Asian Afternoon Tea sets some hotels have on offer, this was sat quite perfectly balanced in terms of ensuring it was more fusion than completely Asian. 

[Curried Quiche, Spinach Rolls and Curry Chicken Pie]

The Quiche and the Pie were absolutely fantastic, though the Spinach Rolls left a lot to be desired. They were bland and lacked any flavour other than spinach. 

[Finger Sandwiches: Chicken Ciabatta, Egg Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich, Prawn Cocktail Multigrain]

[Cheese Sandwich, Egg Sandwich, Vegetable Focaccia]

[Chicken Ciabatta]

While the sandwiches were good, I found that there was an overwhelming amount of mayonnaise when taken altogether. They were really good individually, but you will end up feeling a little saturated by the resounding flavour of mayonnaise by the end. It helps that this is a set for sharing. 

[Scones with Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream]

[Raisin and Plain Scones]

[Do the scones pass muster?]

Unfortunately, the one thing that didn't impress were the scones. They were stodgy and chewy, and unable to be salvaged by slatherings of strawberry jam and clotted cream. A real shame as scones are such an integral part of the afternoon tea experience. 

However, if you're not a scone Nazi like me, the other desserts are bound to satisfy. 

[Dessert Tier]


[Dark Chocolate Mousse on Pastry and Cheesecake]

While I'm not a fan of cheesecake, I will say that the cheesecake here was rather lovely. Light and airy with a delicious crust. I suggest you go with a friend who doesn't enjoy cheesecake so that you don't fight over the bite-sized portion.

The chocolate pasty would keep fans of dark chocolate very happy. If you're not keen on dark chocolate, save your calories for the chocolate tart instead. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and couldn't stop myself even though I was extremely full by this point. 

[Lemon Curd Eclair]

If you're a fan of lemon curd, you will love the eclair. The choux pastry itself was light and airy, but my tastes run more towards that of traditional eclairs. It's a really nice change, however, and lends a much welcome tartness to pull all your tastebuds into play. 

[Eton Mess]

For those of you who are keen on meringue, there's even a mini shot of Eton Mess. While it was tasty enough, it isn't anything to shout from the rooftops about. 

[Chocolate Tart]

The Chocolate Tart was truly my favourite dessert of the day. It was filled with milk chocolate, with a layer of dark chocolate to top, and a dome of white chocolate, all encased in a crumbly pastry shell. Utterly divine! I would buy a whole lot of these to binge on if no one was around to judge me!

For extra points in the innovation department, you can even get their afternoon tea in a beautiful takeaway box. 

[Afternoon Tea To-Go]

Overall, this is the first time I actually enjoyed afternoon tea at Majestic. While the improvement in tea helped, the quality of the food has gotten better by leaps and bounds as well. I went into this expecting to confirm my opinion, but was pleasantly surprised by it all. Between the ambiance and the thoughtfully curated touches that are evident in the afternoon tea service, you really should experience it for yourself.